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Tickets must be sent within 24 hours of making your order if you need a cancellation, return or address change.

Sometimes a return is inevitable, and we accept appropriate returns and have set up a few guidelines to assure that returns are handled properly and fairly.

For returns, please send us a ticket through our Support Portal at the bottom of the page specifying your name and order number.

All return requests must be made within 7 days of receiving the package.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges for product return. If we consider that the problem with the item is our responsibility (e.g. our mistake on the requested model) will provide 100% full refund.

All requests for returns due to mistaken shipments must be approved by us within three working days of receipt of notification.

Merchandise must be in new condition, you can open it, but don't make it dirty or altered.

No credit will be issued on items damaged due to shipping problems and any other situations beyond our control. The shipping company is liable for shipping negligence and you may request damages from the shipping company.

Unfortunately, we do not allow returns or exchanges for the following products:

Bed Sheets or Duvets
Inner Pillows
Any POD (Print on Demand) items listed as such, which consists of mainly apparel items.

However, if there is a defect with the order, we will offer a replacement (same product, same size) if the defect is reported through a support ticket.

Please provide us with photographs of any defects you encounter should you require a replacement or refund.

We do not accept returns or replacements in the case where the customer needs a smaller/larger size or a different color and we apologize for this inconvenience. However, we do our best to provide you with sizing guides so you can get to know what will fit you best!

If an item is out of stock, we will refund you should the unlikely event happen where you place an order and it is no longer available.

Manufacturing Error Disclaimer:

Many of our items are hand made or human assisted by machine.

Some items may have a difference of 1-3cm (.3 to 1.1 inches) from the product description due to human error or if the factory machines cannot make every item exactly the same. We cannot refund or replace items because of a minor difference!

Out of Stock Product Disclaimer:

If an order for one of our products is placed and the product becomes out of stock or unavailable during the time we fulfill the order, we will refund you the money and let you know about the product.

Thank you for your understanding!