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What is This?

Meicoins are a currency used in our website's loyalty program.

With Meicoins, you can redeem them for up to 50% of your transaction.

But how do you earn them? In this quick guide we'll show you how.

Earning Meicoins

Earn Meicoins for every dollar you spend! You receive a 5% return in Meicoin on every transaction.

Step 1:

Sign up and get shopping! You receive 100 Meicoins for signing up which is worth $1.00. You can earn 100 more for following each of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts netting you a total of $4.00 in Meicoins!

You MUST click the social media icons in the pop up at the bottom of your screen for this to work.

In addition, if you go to "My Account" and click "COPY LINK" under "Reward Conditions" at the bottom of the page, you will copy your REFERRAL LINK.

You can gain an extra 300 Meicoins if your friend(s) create an account through it and make their first purchase!

They MUST click "Create Account" under the "My Account" tab in our menu or click "Sign Up" in the hamburger menu (for mobile users) and then proceed through checkout as normal to place their first order.

The Meicoins are generally awarded after the referred persons' order is fulfilled. If you refer a friend to us and they make the purchase at our store, you will have a total of at least $7.00 in store credit!

Step 2:

After this, you can redeem your Meicoin by clicking the cart or "Check Out" page. In the bottom left corner, you should see the button to redeem them.

In order to redeem your Meicoin, your cart must equal at least $10.

Step 3:


Please remember that Meicoins can only be redeemed up to 50% of the transaction.

And, they can NOT be used with Level Up! deals.

After 6 months pass, your Meicoins expire! This is subject to change in the future depending on the input we receive.


Don't forget to check the total to make sure you have the discount at the checkout page.

Make sure to check your payment information & address for errors.

Meicoins can NOT be used in combination with Level Up! deals. To learn more about Level Up! deals, there is a guide in the menu or at the bottom of this page.

If you want to go back to add an item, you can hit the "Cart" bread crumb link or your browser's back button a few times.

If the button or popup isn't showing, try disabling any ad blocking or script blocking plugins for our website or clearing your cookies.

Additionally, using our website in private browsing mode may resolve almost any issue you encounter should the need arise.

Gained Meicoins are deducted from your account if you refund or return a product from that transaction.

Current Meicoin Value:

Earn Rate: 0.20 USD

Redeem Rate: 0.01 USD

More Information:

For every $1 you spend, you earn 5 Meicoins.

One Meicoin is earned every 20 cents. Earn 100 Meicoins, get $1.

So if you spent $120, you would get 600 Meicoins. The value of one Meicoin is 1 cent, so you would earn $6.00 in credit from that transaction which is a 5% savings on all transactions for future purchases.

A minimum of $10 must be spent to redeem Meicoins. 50% of the transaction can be made using Meicoins.

When you make an account, you get 150 points By following our Twitter, Facebook page, and Pinterest, you can earn 150 points for each, totaling up to 600 points. So far you're at $6.00.

You can NOT redeem Meicoins on a cart of items in addition to our Level Up! deals. Those are two separate systems and sadly, they do not work well together in code due to our platform's limitations.

What's the point of Meicoin then?

We want to reward you with a form of our shop's currency for buying from us over time. You will be able to redeem your saved up Meicoins for up to 50% of the order's total value.

So if you had $100 worth of Meicoins saved up and had a cart full of $100 in items, you will be able to redeem $50 worth of Meicoins and you will have to pay the remaining $50 including shipping if applicable.