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Meet Meimei!



  • Name: Meimei
  • Birthday: May 11th
  • Height: 170cm
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Food: Unadon (Grilled eel with sauce on rice)
  • Age Appearance: 19 (has lived for hundreds of years as a yokai)

    Meimei is a kitsune yokai (fox monster spirit) who lives at a mostly forgotten shrine with her two younger sisters and elder brother. Her personality is energetic, bold, mischievous, and upbeat. She loves to draw and has a passion for fashion. In her spare time she designs creates designs and surfs the internet that the humans have made, occasionally playing tricks on them across the world through acts like trolling or pranks.

    She can be occasionally lazy and if there is nothing else she wants to do, she will find a manga to read or anime to watch, or memes to browse. The human's pop culture fascinates her and she always ends up wishing that she could interact with them in person. But since she is a spirit, the humans cannot actually see her.

    Her parents have not been around for many years as they serve as messengers in the realm of the gods. Since the shrine she lives at receives little to no donations, she has started a website where she can put her passions to work, allowing her to make ends meet for her family. She serves as the main designer for Memefox and has is the website mascot, hoping that she can interact with the humans as an online persona since they cannot actually see her true form.



    Fan Art & Doujin Works

    Memefox has always been close to the fan art community and we are happy to support anyone who would like to make derivative works of Memei. Whether you are making sketches, illustrations, comics, lewd doujins or cosplay, there is no need to worry about royalties or legal action from us. If you make something, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and if we think it's amazing we might even feature it on this page & social media! You can also check out the "Send Us Your Fan Art" page at the bottom of the website, but that is basically what is posted here.
    The art on this page will include credits to you and if you provide us a link to your Patreon, Gumroad, or Deviantart, we will hyperlink that in the credit text.
    Alternatively, you can send your art to: [ ]