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How do I track my order?

We give you a tracking number in your email which you can use to track the package on 17net. You can copy this link and paste your tracking code after the = sign:

Alternatively you can visit our "Track Your Package" page below. We have an app and more detailed guide there that can help you track your package.


1. I tried the tracking page it didn't find my package. Was I given an incorrect tracking number?

- Sometimes it takes time to enter the tracking number in to the shipping company's database so it doesn't show up on their tracking page yet. Please try the page again in 1-3 days. If the tracking still doesn't work after 3 days, please contact our support.

2. Is the Shipment Number the Tracking Number?

- No, the shipment number is a number used by our website to manage shipments. It is not a tracking number.