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We use PayPal as a payment system. Your secure shopping is 100% guaranteed. You can pay by major credit cards such as VISA, Master and Amex even if you don't own PayPal account. If PayPal won't accept your credit cards, make a call or email to their Help Center.




Sometimes a return is inevitable and we accept appropriate returns and have set up a few rules to assure that returns are handled properly and fairly: 

  • For returns, please send us an email at by specifying your name and order number in the first instance
  • The Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges for product return. If we consider that the problem with the item is our responsibility (i.e. mistake on the requested model) will provide 100% full refund.
  • All requests for returns due to mistaken shipments must be approved by us within Three working days of receipt of notification.
  • Merchandise must be in new condition, you can open it, but don't make it dirty or altered.
  • No credit will be issued on items damaged due to shipping problems and any other situations beyond our control. The shipping company is liable for shipping negligence and you may request damages from the shipping company.



How do I clean X?

We recommend to gently wash any of our apparel products and not to use bleach. If you are too rough, some designs may flake off over a long period of time. This is normal as with any designed shirt. We are not responsible for misuse and damage of your items. You can read the full washing instructions on our Help Resources page.


Can I send you photos & reviews?

Yes! We love it when our customers reach out to us and show that they're happy with what they ordered. We also really do appreciate sharing pictures of what you bought. With your permission, we may use them on the product pages so more people can get an even better grasp of what they're receiving, beyond our supplied images. Just click here to submit them.


I have a question...

Feel free to contact us!


I need a size bigger/smaller! Can I get an exchange?

We apologize that we cannot send a bigger/smaller size for most of our products. Feel free to contact us though, and we'll see what we can do. We do try our best to provide you with measurements for all of our products, so please do take it upon yourselves and know your sizes! For other issues on this, please refer to our Return Policy.


There's something wrong with my X! What do I do?

Again, it helps to read the Return Policy. But if there is a big manufacturing error, let us know and we'll work to correct it. Please send us photos of the issue as the "defect" might not be so.


Where is my package? I've waited foreeeeeeeeeever!

Please be patient! We know all too well about hype and excitement over something cool we ordered. However, things & life can happen and rarely, delays as well. Estimated shipping times can be off, so please do forgive us if there is a delay. Don't forget to use your tracking number when you are provided with one!


Where is my tracking number?

If you did not receive a tracking number within 3-7 days, contact us! Some items such as with apparel, you will receive tracking numbers much faster than other items. This is because some of our products are shipped from a warehouse outside the US and they can take longer to process before being shipped out.


I received my shirt/apparel faster than my dakimakura/whatever. Why?

Our products are shipped from different warehouses depending on our manufacturers/suppliers. Some are located outside of the US while others are located within the US. In example, most apparel items are produced within the US so the manufacturer will ship them much faster to you if you are located in the US, compared to receiving a necklace which is shipped outside the US.

Please be patient!