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About Meimei – Memefox


Meet the mascot of Memefox!

Name: Meimei

Birthday: May 11th

Height: 170cm

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Foods: Fried Tofu, Unadon (Grilled eel with sauce on rice)

Age Appearance: 19 (has lived longer as a yokai)

Personality: Energetic, bold, mischievous, upbeat, spontaneous

Hobbies / Likes: People, drawing, anime, manga, pranks, internet

Dislikes: Evil yokai, dogs


Meimei is a kitsune yokai (fox monster spirit) who lives at a mostly forgotten mountain shrine with her younger siblings.

She and her family live at a hokora, (a small shrine dedicated to gods) located in a forest. However, their main dwelling resides within the yokai realm. They live separated from their parents who are divine messengers.

Although she usually pushes all of her chores onto her siblings, when it comes to exorcising evil yokai, no one else can match her fighting skill.

She is often very lazy and if there is nothing else she wants to do, she will find a manga to read or anime to watch, or the internet to surf. The humans' cultures fascinates her and she will go in to town on occasion to play pranks on humans which cannot see her causing mischief.

Since the shrine she lives at receives little to no donations, she takes on tasks which involve the exorcism of evil yokai from richer local shrines, sometimes going on long trips which last weeks. She is able to travel through Torii gates across the world, vanquishing the evil spirits across the globe.

The sword she wields, Hisame, has been with her for hundreds of years. He is a tsukumogami (an object which has developed a soul). In contrast to her personality which is smug and playful, Hisame is very sharp and cold and is sometimes the butt of her jokes; but they somehow manage to get along.

Fan Art & Doujin Works

We are happy to support anyone who would like to make derivative works of Memei!

Whether you are making sketches, illustrations, comics, lewd doujins or cosplay, we will welcome it all.

If you make something, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter and if we think it's amazing we might even feature it on this page, use it in an advertisement, or feature it on our social media! You can also send your submission to our "Information & Submissions" by clicking the button below this page.

All art is credited and you will get a place on our "Artist Corner" page.